Why our potatoes are out of this world

Large, crumbly and with a firm skin. We select only the best potatoe for our kumpirs. The others just don’t make it into our kitchens.

Depending on the season, we get our potatoes from the Netherlands or Spain. We buy directly from the cooperative so that we know they are top quality and grown sustainably.

Take it slow!

Baking potatoes takes time! They must be baked just long enough to get that delicious crispy skin we love. When we take them out of the oven, the inside is soft and crumbly. We won’t tell you how long it takes but we can assure you, you’ll never have to wait.

When our potatoes have been perfectly baked, we get to work. With some butter, cheese and a pinch of salt, we turn the inside into a creamy purée. It’s taken years of practice to perfect this technique!

The end result is a crispy baked potato with an airy purée. All natural and piping hot. Our motto: What you see is what you get. Artificial additives are banned from our shelves.

Special ovens

For a really tasty potato, you need a first-class oven. Ours are from England. We’ve tried several and these are simply the best! We use several ovens at the same time so that we can serve fresh kumpirs any time of day.


Will we see you soon?

Pick up your Kumpir at one of our branches and use it in our restaurant. Find a potae near you here!